Let’s start at the very beginning.

When you are starting a blog – where do you start.  Maybe at the beginning.

When our niece was diagnosed with leukemia at 18 months old, our family felt a great need to get involved and help.  We didn’t know much about fundraising, but we knew people.  We had a family meeting, deciding to take a stab at a  5K race.

My daughters run and really enjoy it.  For me, not so much. How do you get excited about something you don’t enjoy?  Then another thought came.  It isn’t about liking to run, it’s about helping others.

We have amazing children, with many talents.  We divided up the tasks and went to work.

We didn’t give ourselves much time.  I think it was about 3 weeks.  We felt a little urgency in our tasks.  Flyers when up.  We used all our contacts and social media to help spread the work.  We had Gracie’s Gang T-shirts printed. And time was up.

The Saturday morning arrived.  As I remember it, it was windy and a little cool.  Sweatshirts were needed for sure.  We had about 70 people show up.  Not bad we thought.

We were able to raise about $2,000.  Not a lot of money, but it would help for sure.

What a great feeling it was to hand over the money to someone that could really use it.